Voice Search 2019-SEO 5 Big Changes You’ll Need To Make

In 2011 when Siri was introduced very few were of opinion that it will be digital tool of future. The time has moved very fast and there are many voice activated technologies like Cortana, Amazon’s, Alexa and Google Assistance etc. Now more than four hundred twenty million voice assistants are in market. People are using the technology in their many fields and purposes but still there is much potential for innovation. The voice recognition accuracy has risen to 95%. Day by day the dependency on voice commands has increased.


Voice activated speakers are used for multitask, to do things faster, instantly receive answers and information etc. People use voice search optimization while driving, knowing business locations etc. In the changing scenario one needs to perform multiple task simultaneously which is only possible with the voice command tool. As per Google survey people get information regarding deals, sales, upcoming events, personalize tips and customer support etc. People must use voice search optimization while developing content from beginning.

To optimize for voice search following few changes are required to be made.

Semantic differences in queries:- Mostly the people have differences in their typing and speaking. So group discussion must be conducted to know the type of queries is mostly encountered related to your target keyword. Many tools are popular in market like Answer the public SEO tool. Google search is the most popular tool.

Categorisation and organization of queries:- One has to keep in mind while preparing content for voice search optimization various points regarding customer needs so that customer may have an idea that you are available through voice search as per his requirements.

Main contents which assist in voice search optimization are informational objectives, transactional objectives & navigational objectives. These comprise guides, store locations, press releases, customer services, product information, comparisons etc. Some superficial changes may be made to make content voice friendly.

Preparing relevant content:- The basic importance for voice search optimization is preparing the content relevant to its maximum. One answer be addressed to searchers from best optimized results. To better understand content one must use structured data markup. It help to create metadata for content to inform Google. To markup with Schema events, recipes, reviews, products, places, people, organizations, how to content, news article and other relative work is the list to better understand

content relevance. Structured data facilitate voice search results. Structured data is also used for SEO practice. After implementation of structured data sitemap to Search Console be submitted.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):-  Action on the Google App or making custom skills in Alexa is another strategy to make content accessible. Google Assistant Directory has been created for voice optimization. Podcast, recipe or news publication already uses structured data markup and Accelerated Mobile Pages. One has to claim ones actions through the directory. Most voice search come from mobile devices.

To optimize for voice search is beneficial for mobile first optimization. Analysis of potential voice search concluded voice search results load 52 percent faster than average pages. Improving page and site speed is important for both strategies. Structured data facilitate to make content more relevant for voice search whereas AMP is used to have an Action on Google app. Mostly mobile and voice searches are location based queries. Therefore to optimize site and content for localize search more work may be done.

SEM strategy:- Home voice assistance is becoming popular these days. People are learning and exploring more voice command potential for mobile devices. To develop voice search new features and capabilities are being viewed. Adding voice query data to Search Console may be viewed as future development. Voice command will dominate search queries in near future.

Conclusion:- In future more than fifty percent search queries are expected to be done via voice. Voice search is in its infancy stage. Voice commands will have big impact search marketing. Therefore every forward step taken to optimize voice search are in benefit of SEM. Incorporation of all above mentioned strategies ensures to grab voice traffic because inclusion of voice optimization is increasing at very rapid speed.

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